What we do
Our mission is to enable the creation and growth of successful technology companies

We partner with pioneering technology companies taking advantage of software, mobile platforms and the web.

We invest in companies registered and operating in Greece, yet addressing international markets. Innovation in products, services or business models is essential. We also require technology to drive value creation.

Our investment strategy is goal driven. We work closely with teams, supporting them in achieving their goals quickly and efficiently, and provide follow-on capital as these are met.

The Openfund is set up with a clear objective: to provide entrepreneurs with everything required to create and grow a successful technology company.


Openfund assists entrepreneurs in structuring applications, improving value proposition and receiving guidance through their initial steps. Incorporation and similar administration issues are also taken care of by Openfund. In short, entrepreneurs are provided with everything essential for a smooth start.


Continuous consultation with entrepreneurs on a broad range of issues, ranging from technology to business development to marketing to legal and accounting.


Openfund’s partners and extended network provide a reputable network of contacts, assisting entrepreneurs on tasks including hiring, partnerships and investor relations, among others. Openfund’s network essentially brings entrepreneurs a few connections away from those who matter for their business.


On top of the amount the Jeremie Openfund II contributes, its broad network provides entrepreneurs with access to a range of regional and international sources of capital, including both institutional and private investors. Openfund aims to make fundraising simpler for its successful portfolio companies.

Our core criteria are the following:

  1. Team
    Entrepreneurs are expected to form fully-committed, complementary teams, understanding both technology and business. Domain expertise on the industry they will operate in is also a typical requirement. Finally, we value teams who have worked successfully together in the past.
  2. Market
    International, sufficiently big and fast growing markets are required to serve as the canvas on which a team will deliver its product. Anything less probably won't suffice to serve the ambitions of entrepreneurs and investors alike.
  3. Product
    We invest in teams pursuing innovative software products delivered via the web and/or mobile platforms. Technology should be means to an end; a catalyst that drives value creation by solving problems an order of magnitude more efficiently than existing solutions.

In the pre-seed stage, valuations typically start at €500k, and minimum investment is at €50k. In the seed stage, valuation is calculated based on past performance and the future potential of the business.

We believe value lies in entrepreneurs pursuing innovating ideas, not in ideas per se. A business plan alone cannot go a long way. The passion, commitment and domain knowledge of its founders stand as a competitive advantage we consider sufficient.

We do not sign NDAs. That being said, you are dealing with an institution that was built to last, its reputation being its core asset.

We provide access to a number of providers, including space, legal, accounting and other services that should take off the initial complexities. We are not an incubator, though.

The question is misguided and the answer depends on the kind of business. Innovative technology is a means to an end and should result in significant traction, which over time will be monetized. As a startup matures, it acquires proof of this evolution and becomes more appealing to potential investors.

No. In the Openfund’s experience, the various challenges that a startup company encounters are unmanageable for a single person to handle. Entrepreneurs need to go through the exercise of finding a co-founder who complements their skills and they can trust before they apply.

Yes. Each case however requires different handling, so get in touch for more details.

Yes. This is a hard requirement.

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