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Hereby we share the template of the term sheet for pre-seed and seed financing that Openfund commonly offers to entrepreneurs.

An actual offer may vary, so this should only be treated as indicative of what an entrepreneur may get.

The terms of the document are laid out in the spirit of what works better for the company and following best practices and common sense. It is neither to the best interest of the fund or that of the Founders alone, but rather the Startup's. We believe this approach works in the long term and we hope that this spirit is clear across the document.

You may get the document here, or skim through it below.

We are often asked by Founders to provide them with a guide to writing a business plan. We hereby share a short such document.

This template is not meant to be all encompasing but rather focuses on the parts that we consider to be a meaningful exercise for entrepreneurs to undertake. Certain sections are more or less useful based on the type of startup you are building. Use your own discretion to decide which are which. It is also annotated with common mistakes that we see and tries to steer you clear of those.

At any rate, writing a business plan is not an end in itself, but rather a learning process.

You may get the document here, and start working out the details of your Startup immediately.

Our preferred vehicle for our portfolio companies is the Greek Private Company ("ΙΚΕ"), a type of entity established by Greek Law 4072/2012.

As our portfolio companies grow and attract investors from abroad, it is useful to provide foreign investors with practical information on how to participate in a Greek Private Company

The document can be found here, or you can read it below.

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