"Modern software development and deployment workflow for the Internet of Things "
In a nutshell makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on remote devices. Our goal is to empower you to write great applications for devices - both in the virtual realm and those that cross over into the physical world - without having to worry about the friction involved in getting your hardware working and keeping your application up to date. Doing this manually involves setting up an operating system, establishing a secure local network, configuring some means of recording and viewing logs, and providing some means of shipping new versions of code to devices in the field, amongst other equally vexing tasks.
The Team
Alexandros Marinos serves as the founder and CEO of the Company while Petros Aggelatos also cofounder leads Architecture. Bryan Hale serves as President of the company andAndew Leventhal heads business development.

Latest blog posts
Those that have been involved with the tech industry longer will remember the concept of Internet of Things in various incarnations. Anyone watching would at least sense it coming long before the term was coined. In the 90s it was vague concepts such as ambient or ubiquitous computing and the promise of intelligence in everyday… Continue reading...
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