"Pockee brings together popular brands and big retailers to provide FMCG coupons in your smartphone. "
In a nutshell
Pockee offers a mobile app for FMCG coupons. It provides a technology solution addressing the multitude of concerns that the FMCG industry faces today. Pockee brings together brands and national retailers to enable consumers receive real discounts on their everyday grocery shopping. Pockee focuses exclusively on mobile phones, freeing the user of the need to print or collect paper coupons while preventing fraud. It is poised to change the way in which FMCG promotions are conducted today, disrupting a multi-billion global industry.
The Team
Pockee was founded by Zissis Tsairelis, who came up with this idea while working at P&G. The core team consists of Antonis Milonas, serving as CTO, Kostas Douvras, doing business development, and Maria Drinia who manages brands and retailers accounts.

Latest blog posts

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A year after our original pre-seed investment, Pockee currently provides coupons of 225 euro in value for 40 FMCG brands in the majority of grocery stores around Greece. Along with its off-the-charts retention rates, it was a straightforward decision for us to proceed with a €400k seed round. Bringing in 11 supermarket chains and that… Continue reading...
Over the past few years, we have received literally dozens of submissions in the mobile couponing area. For a number of reasons, every single time we passed. That was until we recently met Zissis and the Pockee team. Zissis Tsairelis, the founder, was pursuing a marketing career at Procter & Gamble. During it, he came… Continue reading...
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