"Window shopping is a must for women, at least in the offline world. Online, however, the experience is far from satisfactory, and that’s what Fashinating is changing. Women have a hard time navigating around numerous fashion sites, blogs and e-shops to find what fits them best and buy it. On the flip side, retailers and fashion houses have a hard time finding analytics on what is popular in order to streamline their production and stock inline with the current market needs. We bring the two worlds together, returning valuable results to both "
In a nutshell
Fashinating retains the qualities of offline window shopping while at the same time enhances the experience, taking advantage of the interactivity and data collection properties of the web. In short it’s a platform to check out online new and past clothes and accessories all in a fun and addictive way. The solution makes rating an integral part of the navigation thus enabling a fashion discovery trip on thousands of products that is continually refined based on users’ taste. The same mechanism yields survey results, for yet to be sold items, which in turn assists the fashion industry in predicting the right balance between supply and demand and serving their customers better.
Fashinating encompasses two distinct revenue sources: affiliate marketing and trend reports. The former is achieved through affiliate networks that provide it with the necessary fashion item photos and their corresponding links to online merchants that are willing to share their revenue. The latter enables Fashinating to sell custom made trend reports for specific products. Fashion houses and retailers then use these reports to improve on their core offering based on real-time customer feedback, which should in turn help them increase their sales and greatly improve their inventory management.
Fashinating is in public beta currently with a fully operationally website and Facebook application. New features are implemented regularly and new content is being included in its database while user profiles are constantly being created and improved.
Fashinating aspires to become the default destination in fashion for online window-shopping as well as market insights.
The Team
Alexios, CEO, founder Cytopia.org (sold 0.5Μ minutes of digital music), Nestle Cereals Global Account manager, Ex OgilvyOne and Upstream S.A. employ, Distinction MSc ADMIS, LSE Petros, CTO, founder funny-city.com (15 million unique visitors), 10 years php programming, Founder of Royalblue.gr, Technical Director at Onyro and OgilvyOne technical consultant MaryLou, CCO, Journalist (ert.gr, ermoumag.com), MA in Communication (UniS) 1,325 twitter followers (@MaryLou_t).

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