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Aristos Doxiadis

Aristos (b. 1951), Partner , is a pioneer of the private equity industry in Greece.

In his 17 years as a private equity executive he has effected expansion capital investments, buy-outs, as well as exits, formed new businesses and start-ups, orchestrated operations, raised and also structured funds. He has participated in the boards of about fifteen companies and taken an active executive role in some of those.

He has extensive experience in management consulting and in public policy advice. He was also an advisor to the first Openfund, since 2009. In 2012, he joined the Openfund management company as a Partner. He holds a BA in Social Studies (Harvard), and an MSc in Economics (Birkbeck College, London).

He blogs at , and can be reached at [email protected].

Nikko Frangos

Nikko Frangos (b. 1967), Partner, is a lifelong entrepreneur and investor.

His investments activities range from angel investments to the formation of special purpose funds in the sectors of renewable energy, environmental protection and shipping; while his angel ventures are in music, filmography and technology. He has founded a technology company, providing on-ship communications, along with primarily being an active investor in shipping himself. He has participated in the Openfund since 2010 as investor, while joining as a partner starting 2012.

He holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

He can be reached at [email protected]

Georgios Kasselakis

Georgios (b. 1985), Partner, is a technology enthusiast and software developer.

He has filled positions in a number of technology-related activities, ranging from computer repairs to software architect. Still as a student, he applied his bachelor thesis into a startup pursuing data feed transformation and failed. At the same time, he adopted and organized the Open Coffee meetings in Thessaloniki, forming a common ground for the entrepreneurial and technology communities there. In 2009, he co-founded Openfund and now serves as Partner. He focuses on technology due diligence and business development of Openfund portfolio companies while serving in the boards of many of those.

He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He can be reached at [email protected].

Constantine Pateras

Constantine (b. 1974), Partner, is a full-time private investor with experience in commercial shipping, financial markets and real estate. He has served as an early-stage investor a number of businesses spanning the renewable energy, tech, apparel and food retail sectors.

He has invested in a number of internet-based companies and has participated in Openfund as an investor since 2010. In 2012, he joined Openfund as a Partner.

He can be reached at [email protected].

George Tziralis

George (b. 1982), Partner, is an engineer by training, turned entrepreneur turned venture capitalist.

He has founded a couple of software companies, one specializing in prediction markets and another in data mining; in both times he failed. He is widely recognized as the initiator the Open Coffee community in Greece, hosting monthly meetings in Athens since 2007.

In 2009, he co-founded Openfund, which he now serves as a Partner. He is mostly focusing on the business side of the operations, while serving in a number of boards of portfolio companies.

George holds a PhD in Operations Research and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, both from the National Technical University of Athens.

He blogs at , and can be reached at [email protected].

Vanessa Zdravou

Vanessa Zdravou (b. 1980), Investment Associate, is a lawyer at the Court of Appeals in Athens.

She is specialized in banking, securities and corporate law and has worked for investment banks and international law firms in the U.K. and Greece. With her diverse professional background, ranging from project finance and advising on matters of company law to the development and trading of financial products, she has gained solid experience of operational know-how regarding investment funds and their portfolio companies. She is handling legal and operations for Openfund.

Vanessa holds a Law Degree from the University of Athens and an LL.M. in Commercial Law from the University of Edinburgh.

She can be reached at [email protected].

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