With one more week before the submission deadline, it is time to share our detailed schedule for the next couple of months, for our applicants and partners to book early and get properly prepared.

Specific dates and details follow:

– September 30: Submission deadline for applications

– October 14: Notification of rejection or acceptance for the interview phase

– October 27: Submission deadline for business plans

– November 7: Interview date

– November 8: Notification of acceptance for the final presentation phase

– November 21: Start-up day, presentations

– December 1: Incubation starts

In greater detail, successful applicants of the first phase will be invited to submit a lightweight business plan, and also prepare for an interview. A detailed template for the business plan will be provided, to secure the minimum amount of information required and ease the process. The interviews consist of a brief presentation, followed by an extended Q&A session with the Openfund executives. Applicants who succeed in this phase will eventually be invited to pitch their ideas to a wider audience, including Openfund executives, investors, advisors and other selected participants. At the end of this day, up to 5 applications will be invited to participate in the Openfund.

It is clear, we expect the following weeks to be pretty hectic, and we look forward to delivering significant added value through these processes to all of the participants.