Tablets and smartphones have built-in sensors that few people know about, and even fewer use to full effect. Yet you can now safely fly an aircraft using only your tablet, without any of the expensive dedicated instruments that surround most cockpits. This is the promise and the offering of Heraklion-based Talos Avionics. Using proprietary probabilistic algorithms, Talos achieves sensor fusion in tablets and smartphones, which is reliable enough to fly and navigate.

Aviation enthusiasts Pantelis & Lefteris Georgiadis, father and son cofounders, are about to launch a glass cockpit for light aircrafts that really works. The app is expected to become available on both iOS and Android devices within the next few months. Their next product will be a complete flight information system for gliders, a market for which nothing similar exists at the moment. The underlying core technology is also applicable to racing cars, or sailing; literally, the sky is the limit.

JEREMIE Openfund II has invested €200k to enable the company to perfect its initial products, and to gain traction in the aviation community within the next few months. We have just fastened our seat belts.


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Last Modified: November 19, 2014