As you already know, the deadline for you to submit your application is fast approaching. September 30 is the final date to submit your application or to make any corrections to an existing submission (the last version will be the final).

With only two weeks remaining for our submissions deadline, and while we have already put our hands on the applications submitted so far, the results are more than encouraging. Already a significant number of ideas have poured in with a substantial fraction being from around the world – most notably Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most submissions are closely aligned with the core concepts the Openfund stands for: innovation, global market focus and of course entrepreneurship in software, the internet and mobile. We expect the remaining ones to be improved towards the right direction, as early senders have received detailed feedback on ways in which to improve their submissions.

Closing we’d like to repeat that applicants should not hesitate to submit as much information as possible regarding their idea, its current status and their team. Ideally, all aspects of the project should be described clearly along with any figures and other details outlining the market it’s aimed at. Other than that, any prototypes, working demos or videos of the project can (and should!) accompany the proposal.

Building a strong team that can flex in whatever direction the incubation period takes us, is also critical to our evaluation grid. Any relevant information (previous achievements, work experience, type of background – all well summarized) is very important to us, and can be substituted only by a well put together Linked-In or similar profile. We also encourage you to send us a link of yourselves in video pitching the idea – that would definitely give you an edge over other submissions!

We wish you the best of luck, rest assured that we are working towards making this a reality.