WordPress is a great publishing platform, which is now used to power over 65M blogs and content sites. It’s versatility is extended even more, by its very vibrant ecosystem of theme and plugin makers.

Yet, while WordPress is great on a managed platform, it takes a toll on you when it comes to running it by yourself. Updates (even though an automated update system was introduced in 3.7) suddenly and inexplicably stop working, file permissions become confusing and in some times you might even get a worm if you delay your updates for long.

We get to know the above, right because we as well use WordPress a lot. And we got excited when Paraskevas Smirlakis and Notis Gasparis appeared in front of us with a solution.

The Singularity Lab is developing Ermis.co, a set-and-forget solution for managing your website. It automatically backups and updates your WordPress installation. What’s more, in case it gets infected, it rolls back both files and database to a working copy of a previous date, then it immediately applies security fixes.

Singularity Lab, the company, received a €80,000 investment from Openfund to build Ermis and take the hassle out of content management systems. Ermis for WordPress is already live, so you may sign up for the limited beta, while support for Drupal and Joomla is coming soon.


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Last Modified: November 8, 2013