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The amount of data generated by various services grows faster than ever. At the same time, the prevalent way to interact with such data is APIs. Now, APIs may come handy if you are a developer, yet chances are that you are not, or you simply cannot afford the time to engineer the data view you’d like to.

That’s where Rocketgraph comes into the picture.

Rocketgraph is a one-stop shop for cloud powered reports utilizing the growing supply of APIs and spanning a myriad of industries. Just find the Rocketgraph report that matches your needs in the marketplace, connect your cloud services and go.

You can easily export your Rocketgraph report and even get scheduled emails with the most current data pulled directly from your cloud sources. As more cloud services offer APIs, more Rocketgraph reports will become available.

Dino Paravandis and Constantine Nikitiadis, founders, left a successful digital agency they co-founded 5 years ago to pursue a need they considered pressing. With an investment of €410,000 lead by Jeremie Openfund II, the Rocketgraph team will build and market its platform, with one goal in mind: to democratize cloud reporting in a unique and scalable way.


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Last Modified: December 16, 2014