Those that have been involved with the tech industry longer will remember the concept of Internet of Things in various incarnations. Anyone watching would at least sense it coming long before the term was coined.

In the 90s it was vague concepts such as ambient or ubiquitous computing and the promise of intelligence in everyday objects and living spaces. Then in the early 00s it was the internet fridge that would place orders to restock itself and sensors that warn us when we water our flowers too much.

Then all this technology consolidated and entered the mainstream though the renaissance of the smartphone in 2007 with the Apple iPhone. The tremendous success of a device that was software defined and shaped for human digits enabled everyone to see the importance of a thing that is connected to the Internet. It became clearer with the Nest thermostat, the Pebble smartwatch and Tesla improving the mileage of its cars by pushing software updates to people’s homes. Intelligent devices that are defined mostly by the software they run and the ecosystem they belong to will soon be the norm rather than noteworthy gadgets or novelties for the visionary and rich.

So now it’s time to think about infrastructure again. About the roads, the shipping ports, the fiber that binds these devices together; and this is where fits in. lets developers forget about the hardware on which their software runs and how they will get it there.

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For the initiated it’s as simple as git push. will then take your code to the cloud, cross compile it for the various processors that your devices are equipped with, package it in secure and elegant linux containers and eventually deploy it to your devices over the air. That’s a lot of time shaved off your workday.

In a financing round led by DFJ , in which we are happy to participate along with angels Panos Papadopoulos and Gil Dibner, Resin has now raised $3M to pursue the multibillion device industry that IoT will become in the next few years.


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Last Modified: April 15, 2015