Over the past few years, we have received literally dozens of submissions in the mobile couponing area. For a number of reasons, every single time we passed. That was until we recently met Zissis and the Pockee team.

Zissis Tsairelis, the founder, was pursuing a marketing career at Procter & Gamble. During it, he came to realise first hand the challenges and inefficiencies of FMCG couponing for consumers, retailers and brands alike. To provide some context, the biggest innovation in grocery couponing during the last 125 years has been the shift of printing them online.

Zissis came up with an idea on how to make things work for everyone involved, quit his job, set up a top-notch team and here we go. We were excited to hear at last an idea that makes sense in this industry, and become part of Pockee’s vision.

Pockee brings coupons of popular FMCG brands right to your smartphone. Next time you visit a supermarket you check in, see the list of available offers, pick and scan the products you prefer and get the discount right to your bank account. Yes, an app that really makes you money.

At the same time, Pockee integrates with big supermarket retailers to validate transactions, while offering a platform to brands to facilitate coupon marketing the way it should be.

The app will become available featuring a number of well-known brands in various supermarket retailers across Greece within a few weeks. We really feel enthusiastic about the team’s progress so far and the opportunities lying ahead. Welcome, Pockee!


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Last Modified: April 30, 2014