With a new team of partners and €10 million under management, Jeremie Openfund II officially commenced its operations on Friday, November 30, in front of a 400 people audience in Open Coffee Athens.

Along with the European Investment Fund, which serves as the Openfund’s major investor under the Jeremie program, Jeremie Openfund II enjoys the participation of 11 private investors.

Moreover, 50 world class mentors join the fund to assist entrepreneurs on all issues related to the formation and growing of successful technology companies.

Leveraging on its track record, Jeremie Openfund II aims to become the partner of choice for entrepreneurs creating software-enabled products targeting international markets.

The fund will work with entrepreneurs in two stages: a) pre-seed, starting from an indicative investment size of €50 thousand to turn an idea into a product and b) seed, with an investment of up to €500 thousand, to focus on turning an existing product into a well working business.

Jeremie Openfund II intends to partner with up to 25 pre-seed and 10 seed stage companies within the next 3 years. Seed stage entrepreneurs may apply around the year, while the call for proposals for the pre-seed stage is now open and will remain such until January 31, 2013.

The application form and further information are available at http://theopenfund.com