2014 for Openfund has been nothing less than a gift, and a privilege. Seeing the fruits of our backers’ commitment and the efforts of the special people we work with coming into shape was an extraordinary experience. Here is some context:

photo from Openfund Founders Meetup II, a month and a half ago

– End of 2013 found us with a portfolio of 10 companies. Up to now, we have announced investments in 15 companies, and there are 5 more pending announcement soon. Already with a portfolio of 20, we expect to reach 25-30 companies by end of 2015.

– We have the privilege to back and closely work with 40 founders, in their endeavor to turn their ideas into products that have a chance to change entire industries. Seeing them struggle, learn, mature and achieve their targets -until the next one- has been a singular experience to treasure.

– More than 150 greatly talented people are currently working across our portfolio. We are humbled by the hard work of them all, and our conviction is stronger than ever that very many great things are in the making.

– Millions of consumers and thousands of companies across the globe are selecting and making good use of our companies’ products. Creating such value every day that passes lies at the heart of our efforts and business.

– By now, a couple of years after Jeremie Openfund II’s launch, we have invested more than €5m in our portfolio. We expect to invest another €2.5-5m in both existing and new portfolio companies during 2015.

– 45 entities have coinvested along with Openfund in our portfolio companies. 10 of them are funds -some small and some larger ones, almost all international- while 35 are angels, with the slight majority being related to the local scene.

It feels good to see the progress above, especially taking into account where we started from a few years ago. That said, make no mistake: Being a startup ourselves, we are still at the very beginning and we have proven nothing yet.

The stakes are now higher, and we have no option but to work hard, level up our game and deliver spectacular results. With such special people working with us, we believe we will make it. So, here’s to a remarkable 2015!


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Last Modified: December 30, 2014