Online storage solutions are built on the paradigm of “sync”. In other words, what is stored online is by default a subset of what is stored offline.

Every day that passes, however, more data is being produced. In this context, local storage is often rendered insufficient. What’s more, its limitations with regards to security and longevity are becoming apparent to consumers – what about this old hard drive of yours? After all, online needs to replace, not just to extend offline; the problem of storage remains far from solved.

Today, Longaccess launches BigStash, a product built from the ground up as an appropriate archiving solution for the cloud era.

Offloading the rarely used files from your laptop, transferring the contents of your old hard drive to a safer place, or just making a photo archive of your last trip available to your friends and family, BigStash provides a unique, flexible and affordable solution to move your file archives entirely online.

Alongside the above, Jeremie Openfund II announces a €300k follow up investment in Longaccess, demonstrating our faith in the vision and plan of the founder, Panayotis Vryonis and his team.


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Last Modified: January 5, 2015