Yesterday the Openfund had a uniquely humbling and at the same time proud moment.

We were fortunate enough to have our venture mentioned by none other than the Greek Prime Minister himself as an example worthy of advocating and support.

The mention took place in the Prime Minister’s opening speech of the 75th annual International Expo of Thessaloniki, the largest expo organised in Greece.

(skip to 15m40s for subtitles)

And it was there, among a declaration of further measures and changes to help the Greek economy grow through the rough times, that the Openfund along with a few other ventures (most notably our very own’s Dimitris Glezos’ Indifex) was mentioned as a force that can help make Greece move forward.We in the Openfund are grateful for the trust and support we are shown publicly and this affirmation of our efforts cannot but encourage us to set our goals even higher.

It is with this in mind that we would like to announce that the new call for proposals will open towards the end of September – and we would be happy to receive for consideration any entrepreneur’s application.