Food expectably is one of the greatest industries out there. At the same time, it remains one of the sectors that it has only been very little disrupted by technology. Sure, in the last couple of years alone we had Grubhub and JustEat IPOs, but what’s beyond aggregating a list of restaurants and their menus?

We have known Michalis Gkontas and Petros Pitsilis for a few years now. We were respectful of their efforts to bring something entirely new to the food industry. At the same time, however, we were not sold to the concept of collaborative economy when applied to homemade meal sharing, and had decided to pass in the past.

Everything changed late last summer. The founders realized that -no matter their great efforts- they were going nowhere with Cookisto, their previous endeavour, and delivered one of the greatest pivots we have experienced in our short journey so far.

The concept is simple. As consumers, when it comes to food and while keeping price and quality stable, our purchase decision mostly comes to convenience. And convenience actually means that you don’t spend much time to select a menu and make an order, also that you get the food in front of your door as fast as humanly possible.

Within less than a couple of months, the founders built and deployed in a small area of Athens a service that brings fast to a whole new level when it comes to food delivery. You pick upon a couple of available, quality meals every day, and you have it at your door in less than 15′.

It may sound simple, yet it is not. It takes a lot of effort to deliver a Taxibeat to pick you up within a few minutes; it takes a lot more to produce and deliver a delicious meal. Yet, when it works, it is an industry-changing experience.

Early adoption has been fantastic during autumn, and nobody can argue against solid traction numbers. In this context, we decided to lead a seed round in Forky. Along with BlueWire Capital and a number of angel investors who also participated, the round eventually reached the amount of €800k.

The company is now building the infrastructure and operations to serve most part of metropolitan Athens and become a utility of its urban lifestyle. While international competition is also taking shape, we are comfortable Forky is building a unique food company and we are happy to be partners in this journey.


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Last Modified: April 7, 2015