From chips to antennas to motors or sensors, electromagnetic field simulation is a core part of product design. Solving a design before prototyping and production saves a critical amount of time and cost.

However, while the industry is making rapid progress in all fronts, electromagnetic solvers have mostly remain outdated. As products become more complex, it is typical for a simulation to take hours, or even days. Today this cannot but feel wrong, if not defeating the very purpose of simulation itself.

George Bontzios and George Bouzianas have experienced the limitations of currently available solutions, while acquiring their PhDs on the subject. Since then, they’ve embarked on a mission to bring simulation software to the cloud era.

Fieldscale, the company they founded, now employs a R&D-heavy team building a next generation electromagnetic solver. Sporting state-of-the-art algoritmhs that run in parallel at a user-defined array of machines, along with a lightweight interface on a browser, Fieldscale is working to introduce the first SaaS offering in the industry.

We believe that a more solid software infrastructure can have an impact on advancing the industry further. In this context, we are happy take part in this journey and announce our initial investment of €150k in Fieldscale.

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Last Modified: May 12, 2015