Dopios (“local” in Greek), a community marketplace bringing locals and travellers together, expands its operations in a number of international destinations, along with announcing a seed investment by Jeremie Openfund II.

The company envisions to become the third step when making a trip; after booking a flight and a place to stay, it helps you find a local to connect who can show you around.

Dopios provides locals with an opportunity to meet new people and share the enthusiasm for the place they live, while making some money. At the same time, travellers get the unique chance to be treated like friends and experience a destination the way locals do.

Hundreds of experiences are already available in a dozen of destinations across Greece, next to Istanbul and San Francisco. Today, more international destinations open up, including London, Berlin, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, while locals are welcome to unlock their own city at Dopios.

Comprised of a well-rounded and committed team, going after a growing market opportunity, the company raised a seed investment round of €120,000 by Jeremie Openfund II.


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Last Modified: March 11, 2014