True to our commitment of setting up a more than capable Board of Advisors on all things start-up, we are announcing today the updated list, featuring a set of experts that we consider exceptional.

You’ll find among them people with rock solid experience and world class expertise on topics ranging from technology and business development to finance, marketing and legal issues, among others, all waiting to help out great start-ups take shape and prosper.
The list remains far from final, actually more advisors are to be added in a continuous basis, but still we do believe that -together with the Executive Board– it already provides a sound and sufficient basis to back what is considered our core offering: Advice. The full list follows right after the jump:


  1. Andreas Acavalos, ex-General Manager, Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting – Athens, Greece
  2. George Achillias, Marketing and Communication Strategist – London, UK
  3. Nicholas Ampazis, Assistant Professor at the University of the Aegean, Entrepreneur – Chios, Greece
  4. Nikos Anagnostou, Entrepreneur, Blogger – Athens, Greece
  5. Dimitris Andreadis, Software Engineering Manager, JBoss Application Server, Red Hat – Athens, Greece
  6. Nikos Anerousis, Head of Service Engineering Research, IBM – New York City, NY, US
  7. Tasso Argyros, co-founder & CTO, Aster Data Systems – San Francisco, CA, US
  8. Mike Butcher, editor, Techcrunch Europe – London, UK
  9. Andreas Constantinou, Research Director, Vision Mobile – London, UK
  10. Yannis Dosios, VP of Marketing, Smilebox – Seattle, WA, US
  11. Aristos Doxiadis, Managing Director, Notos Associate – Athens, Greece
  12. Ioannis Emiris, Professor, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens – Athens, Greece
  13. Charris Ermopoulos, Software Engineer, Google File System, Google – Mountain View, CA, US
  14. Dimitris Glezos, Founder, Indifex – Patras, Greece
  15. Andrew Hyde, Community Director, Techstars – Boulder, CO, US
  16. Panos Ipeirotis, Assistant Professor, Stern School of Business NYU – New York City, NY, US
  17. Dimosthenis Kaponis, Entrepreneur, Cosmical Technology – Athens, Greece
  18. Petros Katsampouris, CEO, Vivechrom – Athens, Greece
  19. Alex Kombogiannis, CEO and founding partner of mpGreek – New York City, NY, US
  20. Arda Kutsal, Entrepreneur & business adviser – Istanbul, Turkey
  21. John Lovitt, former SVP Rational/IBM, Investor – Mountain View, CA, US
  22. Aggelos Maglis, CEO, Atlantis Consulting – Thessaloniki, Greece
  23. Patrick Malone, CTO Microsoft Hellas – Athens, Greece
  24. Andy McLoughlin, Co-founder and Product Director, Huddle – London, UK
  25. Ioannis Methodios, ex-CEO, Accenture Greece – Athens, Greece
  26. Nikos Moraitakis, Head of Strategy, Upstream Systems – Athens, Greece
  27. George Moschovitis, Serial web entrepreneur – Athens, Greece
  28. John Nousis, Serial Web Entrepreneur – Athens, Greece
  29. Yorgos Panzaris, Researcher, Entrepreneur – Athens, Greece
  30. George Saliaris-Fasseas, Country Manager, Google – Athens, Greece
  31. Diomidis Spinellis, Professor, Athens University of Economics & Business – Athens, Greece
  32. Christos Tsangos, CEO, Microsoft Hellas – Athens, Greece
  33. Stefanos Vasdekis, Serial Web Entrepreneur – Athens, Greece
  34. Ioannis Vasilaras, Ex-CEO, Infote – Athens, Greece
  35. Marco Veremis, Chairman, Upstream Systems – Athens, Greece
  36. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Serial web entrepreneur – Amsterdam, Netherlands