Articles for March 2013

Locish launches to provide custom tips on the go

Locish, a mobile application enabling custom tip requests to get answered by locals within minutes, is now available for both iOS and Android devices. Essentially a marketplace between advice seekers and local providers, Locish serves on demand, near real time recommendations in a fashion that has not been accomplished before.

Currently featuring more than 200 locals across Athens, the application appeals to travellers looking for suggestions on sightseeing, food, leisure and other activities, from a local they can trust. Sophisticated AI algorithms secure high profile matching, while tips are currently priced at 1 euro, with Locish receiving a small fee.

The company, founded by Gregory Zontanos & Alex Christodoulou, is the third to join the Openfund II portfolio. The initial 60.000 euro investment will equip Locish to demonstrate its core value proposition and build early traction in Athens and other destinations.

“Openfund was our favourite option for seed funding, and, guess what, we were theirs, too”, Zontanos shared. “We are super happy about this partnership and we look forward to taking advantage of Openfund’s resources in materialising our ambitious vision”, he continued.

Georgios Kasselakis, partner, stated: “30% out of one billion travellers globally are already using their smartphones to obtain travel information, most of them from antiquated, if not questionable, sources. Locish is on a mission to turn locals’ insights into common knowledge for them, and we believe they can make it.”


Workable raises €600,000 to change online hiring for SMEs

Workable is strengthening its position as Europe’s leading contender in the fast-growing hiring tools market with a fresh investment round of €600,000 led by Jeremie Openfund II. A cloud-based applicant tracking software, Workable is a new way to collect, review and hire people that buries the resume in favour of candidates’ online profiles.

Workable enables employers to look at candidates in the full context of their online presence. “We pull together context from candidates’ social media footprint, information about past employers, education and skills and deliver it in a form that’s easy to review and decide on,” says Workable’s CEO, Nikos Moraitakis. “It’s no longer about the impression the candidate wants to make with their resume, it’s about the information the company needs to make the right hiring choice.”

Business to Business (B2B) Software as a Service (SaaS) is growing and companies are switching to cloud software for hiring. Applicant tracking systems are the interface they use to manage everything from sourcing, job adverts, candidate screening, testing, internal workflow and collaboration. Candidate information and interaction is moving online.

“As a team of product designers and developers, discovering Workable was a magical day for us. Not only is this product beautifully designed, the effort that has gone into crafting such a great user experience really shines through. It has streamlined our hiring process, improved our ability to screen candidates, and kept feedback and hiring status altogether. The most exciting thing? It’s just the beginning of what’s possible with this product… We can’t wait.” says Sam Mathews, CEO of Neverbland and a noted authority on business software design.

“Cloud players with a fresh approach will contest a multi-billion euro space,” says George Tziralis, partner at Jeremie Openfund II, an Athens-based seed fund for technology companies, like Workable, that serve the global market. “An innovative European contender for this space is both welcome and overdue.”

The United States’ nearly 6 million small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) have already spurred the creation of SaaS ventures including JobVite, SmartRecruiters and The Resumator. While Workable is already competing for American clients with these firms, it also has a 24 million SME market in its own backyard, the European Union.

It’s time to move on from the car crash of PDF resumes and long mail threads. Workable recognizes that the people you want to hire have structured, honest, readable profiles on Linkedin and other professional networks. It’s an applicant management, screening and collaboration tool designed for a world of contextual candidate profiles, natural workflow and online communication between the candidate and the hiring team that you may actually want to use.