Articles for April 2010

The Openfund – Demo Day I

We’re thrilled to invite you to the Openfund Demo Day, an event where all of our start-ups will finally reveal their products to the world. After months of hard work during our development phase, the first round’s companies are ready to graduate and share the fruits of their purpose and passion; we’re pretty sure that you’ll get excited with the results.

The event will take place in Athens on Wednesday April 28 and it will naturally be co-hosted with Open Coffee Greece, the vigorous local entrepreneurial community which also defined the DNA of the Openfund itself. The place to be is Benaki Museum at 138 Piraeus street, with presentations starting at 19.00 in the grand auditorium and plenty of coffee and drinks being served before and after in the cozy bar.

The founders of Fashinating, YouScan, Listiki & Sportmeets will all be there to pitch and share their experiences so far, while we’d like to invite each one of you to join us among entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and all those people who keep the entrepreneurial spirit going. So, save the date or book your flight and be there, tickets are free and access is open to everyone, you may just RSVP here.

At the same time, we at the Openfund consider this event as a tangible proof of our work up to date and we literally cannot wait to share great entrepreneurial stories in the making, or maybe get you to prepare your own one. By supporting great people to put their ideas to work, we see our vision taking shape and the pieces of the puzzle being put one after another into place.

In this context, Demo Day fully stands up to its name and you are all invited to join us and experience the next big things around the corner by yourself, see you there!