Investment Paths
We invest in ideas or more mature companies

Openfund has concluded its investment period.

See our blog to stay up to date regarding impending changes to our operations.

Build a Product /Pre-seed/
We are always open for submissions. Response times vary based on our workload but we strive to reply in less than a month.
Applicants must comprise a strong and multidisciplinary team and have a clear plan to deliver a valuable product.
Selected entrepreneurs receive an investment starting from €70k to build a product with some traction within a few months.
Should targets be met, a next-stage financing round is provided to establish recurring revenue and early proof of product-market fit.
Build a Business /Seed/
Companies that already achieved recurring revenue and early proof of a product-market fit, also a clear growth plan.
Selected companies receive €200-500k to grow their business, become cashflow positive and get ready for a Series A round.
At this stage we expect a concrete business plan. Please consult the Openfund business plan template.
Careers /work for a startup/
If you would like to work for a startup, you are in the right place.
Openfund portfolio founders keep an eye on resumes submitted here.
Open positions vary from software development to design to business to marketing.

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