"YouScan is a social media monitoring platform, which helps major brand owners to listen to consumer opinions posted online about their products & competitors, and proactively manage their brand’s online reputation "
In a nutshell
In particular, YouScan collects user mentions in real-time from blogs, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets for user-defined subjects of interest.
It goes further by providing visualization and automated reports, like Share of Voice, Conversation Dynamics, Top Sources and Authors and others. It also includes teamwork features like assignments and notes which allow multiple users within a client’s organization to collaborate and take action on the important information.
YouScan offers Software as a Service with monthly or annual subscription, initially targeting major brand owners and agencies in Russia and Ukraine, with planned future expansion of business into international markets. First to the market with a social media monitoring solution specifically tailored for the Russian-speaking internet, YouScan is now competing with a few local upstarts, a positive factor helping it develop this new service category and expand in these countries YouScan has developed a fully operational online service which already has in its portfolio a few hundreds of trial enterprise accounts and a considerable number of high-paying subscriptions from Russia and Ukraine. YouScan has an aggressive expansion strategy and has already reached significant levels of growth.
It is currently in the position to be looking for Round A financing.YouScan aims at becoming one of the de-facto destinations for social media monitoring in the expanding market of Eastern Europe but also internationally.
The Team
YouScan founders and management team are Alexey Orap, CEO, Dimitri Popov, VP BD, and Ilya Kozachenko, CTO. They are technology and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs,each one with 10+ years of experience in both corporate and start-up environments.Their team includes a further seven people spread across sales, development and customer support.

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