"A cloud-based applicant tracking software, Workable is a new way to collect, review and hire people that buries the resume in favour of candidates’ online profiles "
In a nutshell
Workable helps Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) manage their recruiting with simple tools to promote their jobs online, review candidates and schedule interviews. SMEs now account for two-thirds of all new hires in the US, while in Europe the numbers are even higher.
Workable is used by hundreds of companies in 39 countries, 60% of them in North America. With customers like Intercom, Transferwise, Commerzbank, Marks & Spencer and Mercer Foods, it is fast-becoming the preferred recruiting tool for fast-growing companies, at the same time appealing to the small enterprise market that traditional players do not cater for. Based in Athens and London, Workable has a team of 20 and has raised a total of $2.4m seed investment from Openfund and Greylock IL.
The Team
The team is comprised of 2 co-founders with shared past. Nikos Moraitakis and Spiros Magiatis that worked together at Upstream serving as the CEO and CTO respectively. Also key members of the team are Zaharenia Atzitzikaki a leading Greek UI/UX designer and Giannis Karachristos a seasoned Ruby on Rails developer.

Latest blog posts
The recruitment advertising space has seen many changes in the last two decades. It’s moved from publishing an ad in your local newspaper, to posting online, to one-click posting on multiple job boards. More recently we’ve seen the rise of the aggregator and the Pay Per Click model. While the methods have changed, the outcome […] The post A new way to advertise jobsonline appeared first on Inside Workable - news, company announcements, new features from Workable.
After a break of several months, we hosted the latest JHUG (Java Hellenic User Group) meetup on Tuesday. JHUG members had the opportunity to visit our (nearly) new premises, and it was great to see around 70 non-Workablers – including several new faces. For those who couldn’t make it, or are wondering exactly what get’s […] The post Workable hosts the latest JHUG meetup appeared first on Inside Workable - news, company announcements, new features from Workable.
Most of us are using RecyclerView to present data to our users in list form. It’s a common thing that a RecyclerView can draw multiple layouts on its rows – which pretty much means different XML layouts, different things to allocate memory for and sometimes tricky parts where things are so messy that we have frame drops. Workable’s Android recruiting […] The post RecyclerView Tips: How we achieved 60 FPS in Workable’s Android RecruitingApp appeared first on Inside Workable - news, company announcements, new features from Workable.
Openfund started in 2009 to become the first startup investor in Greece and the broader region. Our first, €500k syndicate proved quite successful, giving birth to companies like Taxibeat. Jeremie Openfund II was launched in December 2012 with €15m under management to take this track record to the next level. Three and a half short… Continue reading...
YouScan’s was one of the first startups that Openfund invested in, focusing on social media monitoring service for brand owners specifically offered in the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Today we are announcing our exit from the company. Thinking of YouScan takes us to the first days of Openfund. Α whole 6 years down the memory lane, we… Continue reading...
Workable yesterday announced a $27m Series B round, led by Balderton Capital, along with Notion Capital and existing investors 83 North (previously Greylock IL). For a company that started three years ago in Athens, the size of this round may come as a surprise. To those of us on the inside, it is not. Spyros… Continue reading...

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