"Tribe is building first of their kind wearable devices that will be able to monitor key vitals of users and will eventually be able to predict injury "
In a nutshell
Tribe is working in the wearable computing sector, focusing on next-generation sensors that will allow for capturing of metrics that go far beyond heartbeat and gyroscopes.
The company is working on novel embedded solutions that capture electric and other signals from the surface of an athlete's skin in order to detect tired the muscles are, how hard they're working and their coordination.
The Team
The company was founded by Demetres Stordopoulos who has a Computer Science background and is now supported by Yiannis Vourvoulakis and embedded solutions specialist, and also Vangelis Barakos a Software and Electrical Engineer.

Latest blog posts
Tribe, starting out of Komotini, Greece, announces today a €100k pre-seed investment round by Jeremie Openfund II. Tribe and its founder, Demetres Stordopoulos, are on a mission to build wearable activity trackers that are actually hidden in the fabric of sports gear. Taking advantage of integrated yet unobtrusive microelectronics, the vision is to provide key information… Continue reading...
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