" TaxiBeat uses the mobile technology to connect taxi drivers and passengers in the same way that Google AdWords connects advertisers and Internet users: taxi drivers advertise their location and availability to nearby passengers who are searching for a taxi using their smartphone. If a passenger selects and calls a driver, then TaxiBeat gets a commission from the driver "
In a nutshell
Initially available on the iPhone, TaxiBeat will allow passengers to see the exact location of nearby taxis, to hail one with the touch of a button, and leave feedbackabout their experience with the driver. With the TaxiBeat iPhone app for drivers,any taxi driver will be able to join the TaxiBeat fleet and find customers while on the road. TaxiBeat lets individual cab drivers who have GPS-enabled smartphones advertise their location to the smartphone maps of its users.
TaxiBeat is poised to quickly gain traction in the Athens taxi market, then expand to Thessaloniki, and then other European cities. Medium term, TaxiBeat aspires tobecome the payment platform for the taxi business using NFC mobile technology.
The Team
The TaxiBeat team is 3 strong, consisting of Nick Drandakis (focusing on business development, marketing management, project management), Nick Damilakis (mobile app developer and technical director), and Kostis Sakkas (web services developer). Nikos Drandakis and Kostis Sakkas have worked together in various web projects for the last 4 years, with the most prominent being the development of, a Greek social networking website. Nick Drandakis and Nick Damilakis are close friends for the last 2 years.

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