"By creating and sharing personal, fully customized mixtapes, Tapely comes to restore the accompanying feelings lost when listening to music on the web. "
In a nutshell
Tapely brings taste back to online music. It’s a simple idea: Create and share personal, visually stunning mixtapes curated by people who love music. Pick some songs from online sources like Youtube and SoundCloud, add visuals like a background image, custom text and colors and you’re done.
The Team
Alex Nikolaidis, the founder, left his senior consulting career at PwC to learn coding and build Tapely from scratch.An avid music fan who hated the status quo how we experience music on the web, he currently works along with an equally talented and ambitious team of three.

Latest blog posts
The landscape of online music is changing fast. At the same time, however, the rate of innovation concerning the way we actually experience music online has proved more reserved than expected. While millions of songs are now available at your fingertip, what happens after that remains outdated and underexplored. Tapely is online music revisited, and… Continue reading...
Music is much more than sound. Listening to an artist’s album and falling in love with the album’s artwork, or back in the day, discovering new music from a friend’s handmade mixtape, brought excitement long before the music played and continued well after that. The transition to online revolutionized delivery and bundling, yet it truncated… Continue reading...
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