"Sportmeets is a meeting facilitation service specifically targeted at recreational sports. Shifting the effort from organizing to participating, Sportmeets removes the barriers to arranging sport events, while also helping you find suitable people to play with and engage with socially wherever you live "
In a nutshell
Sportmeets is solving a problem that recreational sport participants face when organizing games and matches - they get overwhelmed by the amount of work required to organize even a single session. Organizers need to spend hours making sure that people turn up, everyone is kept up to date and they get paid for the venue booking afterwards.
Sportmeets allows any recreational player to organize a group of people with shared sporting interests. Creating an event takes a minute. People get notified instantly and can RSVP via their preferred method - be it SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter. The competitive spirit gets going by recording game results and publishing them to social streams as well as facilitating the organization of ranked sports ladders. All of this saves the organizers and members hours every month.
Sportmeets created a fully-fledged product from scratch and launched it in public including undertaking a complete branding makeover of their initial proposal. It is currently in a public beta stage while new features are added regularly and new users sign up at increasing rates. Sportmeets is targeting students and working urbanites who play either group or individual sports, initially focusing on the UK and following that the whole of EU.
Sportmeets has made a goal of becoming the best sports events organizer service effortlessly bringing many people together for sports and fun.
The Team
Sportmeets was conceived in 2009 by Miro Solanka and Peter Crkon, two friends and volleyball team-mates who met at Glasgow University over 5 years ago. Miro is the leader and technical mind behind Sportmeets while Peter works on the biz dev.

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