"Remix APIs to create professional looking reports & infographics in seconds "
In a nutshell
Rocketgraph is a one stop shop for creating relevant reports and infographics.

Data is funneled in from a multitude of popular APIs related to social media, analytics, maps and others and then combined with stunning report templates.

The company launches with a limited number of free to use reports that are easy to embed and share with friends or business colleagues and span from dashboards of how your social media campaign is performing, to what your web site's visitors are paying attention to.
The Team
Dino Paravandis and Constantine Nikitiadis have an extensive track record in digital marketing from their previous startup. While working in services they identified the shared need of their customers to have a succinct and visually appealing report that displays live data that matters to their business.

Latest blog posts
A Facebook page is the most direct way to communicate with your existing and prospective clients. There is an immediate connection between the page admin and the page’s fans mostly through Facebook chat. Additionally, it is the best way for a business to appear every now and then in the everyday life of a fan; through the timeline posts.Step 1Choose the best appearance for your page.Name, vanity url, profile photo, cover photo. They need to be short, precise and catchy if possible. Don’t use an irrelevant cover photo because it looks good; try to choose the best profile and cover photo in order to create a good appearance for your page but in the same time the photos have to refer to your website or your page’s objective in a discrete way.Step 2Take full advantage of the About section.Don’t underestimate it. The About section is where people go to find out more about your business. Make sure you write a detailed description providing all the necessary info about what you do. It is essential that you take full advantage of this small but powerful section and provide a hyperlink to your webpage.Step 3Fill in all the info Facebook asks you.Even if you think it’s not useful for your fans, the section that includes Category, Topics, Mission, Foundation year, Awards etc. is a good way to increase your rank in search engines. Just make sure you are using the correct keywords and don’t leave all this information blank!Step 4Don’t stop posting.Create a content calendar and be sure that you post regularly. Make sure, however, that you don’t post too often, otherwise your audience might be overwhelmed and, eventually, annoyed. Depending on your content you could post between 5 times a day to once every 5 days. The important thing is to keep posting -even in a low frequency- so that the client is always aware of your presence.Step 5Upload posts that praise your business. Is there a client who messaged you to thank you because your service was too good? Is there a blogger who featured your work because he/she found it exceptional? It doesn’t matter if the person who loves your business is famous or not. Do not miss the opportunity to promote this love and of course, thank your fan in public! This will only bring you more and more fans and make those who already love your work to love it even more.Step 6Tag other businesses or pages on your post.Don’t forget to tag other pages, or people on your posts. It increases the visibility of your post and boosts the interaction of your fans. Step 7Post content that fits your fans’ profiles.It’s essential that your content varies depending always on your audience’s age, ethnicity, language and special hobbies. Try to adjust your posts in order to attract your fans’ interest, using insights and analytics provided through Facebook or other tools.Step 8Stay in touch with your fans.Always respond to your messages and provide immediate and useful customer support. Make sure you are friendly to the person you talk to and try to respond more as an individual than as a “Facebook page”.Finally, make sure that your friends and family are constantly promoting and supporting your business. It’s extremely helpful if there is a group of people who regularly share your updates and react to your posts; it shows that you have a loyal fanbase.How can Rocketgraph help?Track your Facebook page progress through Lytte Facebook Page Analytics.See your audience’s demographic characteristics, the top posts of your page and the top locations of your fans!
We are excited to announce the launch of our updated website. As a young startup, we love speaking to our users and getting as much feedback as possible. The revamped website is 100% based on feedback we received from you, our users.One of the major improvements is our pricing scheme. Instead of having different prices per report, now you are able to choose between different plans. Each plan gives you access to a different number of subscriptions to the reports available in the marketplace.What does that mean?We have 4 different plans.Free Plan: you will always have access to one report for free!Starter plan: you can enjoy up to 3 subscriptions for only $15 per month. Professional plan: is perfect for agencies and companies with multiple cloud service accounts. For only $49 per month you get access to unlimited subscriptions. Enterprise plan: this plan offers premium features such as White Labeling the marketplace, custom reports and dedicated supportYou can review the plan in detail here: Rocketgraph users are automatically moved to our Free plan, and if the user has multiple subscriptions they will become inactive, except from the latest one created - since the Free plan provides access to only 1 report. In order to access the rest of your reports, you will need to upgrade to the plan of your choice.If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Thank you for being a part of the Rocketgraph Community!
It’s easy to create an account on Twitter or a channel in YouTube. Currently there are 2.55 billion social media profiles worldwide, which in fact accounts for almost ⅓ of the world’s population.You can imagine that it’s also very easy to get some people to follow you - what’s not easy is to actually produce some interesting content and really engage users.Even if your content is interesting, you might not be able to spread the word out easily. It’s possible that you are not uploading content at the right time of the day, you are not using the correct hashtags/keywords, you are not tagging the right accounts or that simply the content you post would be interesting and attractive for another group of followers and not for the people who follow you right now.With experience handling various social media accounts ourselves, we can give you some useful tips that can help you shine amongst thousands of users in the Twitter world.The two most important things in a tweet are its content and its target audience. So, try to concentrate on those!Why use Twitter to promote your business?There is a substantial difference between Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is a place where personal statuses, photos and all kinds of updates are usually created and aimed to be seen by a narrow circle of connections - the Facebook friends. However, on Twitter you can see every personal thought of a user who lives hundreds of miles away and whom you’ll never meet in real life. This means that you can have access to all the info provided by your potential customers! This constitutes the basic advantage of Twitter and the reason why it is much more useful for businesses than Facebook is. While you use Twitter for your business, try to follow these simple tips:1. Don’t act like a companyWhat you need to do in order to increase the engagement of your followers is to keep your account personal. Nobody wants to interact with a “company”. You need to tweet and answer to questions as if your account belongs to an individual and not to a company. Here is an example of what we do:2. Use your blogAnother simple strategy to follow, in case you are in the same time running a blog (which you should probably do) is to always include embedded tweets in your blog posts. That way you are encouraging the reader to click on your tweet and visit your Twitter profile. By following you, the user will have more frequent access to your updates, so the chances of visiting your blog- and website again are now much higher! Even if you don’t include embedded tweets, you can use other links to your social media accounts, embedded Instagram photos or Facebook posts.3. Be funTo increase attention and engagement, use interesting tweets about what’s happening today but also use jokes and humor. Gifs are a new way of catching attention and you can certainly use them to stand up between all the other Twitter users. Here is an example of how a funny and clever tweet could boost your online social presence.4. Don’t stop tweetingStudies have shown that the more you tweet the more followers you will have. And this is absolutely normal, because by tweeting you will be referred more often on replies and more Twitter users will see your profile on their newsfeed. According to social media studies that have been conducted, a business should tweet about 10-14 times a day from 12am to 10pm. However, the content of the tweets is much more important than the number of tweets you post each day. Try to find the most engaging content for your group of followers and don’t be fooled by guides that tell you when to tweet or what to tweet. Each Twitter account has a different mixture of followers - some work and see their Twitter feeds at 8am in the morning, some others are students and see their Twitter feeds at 1pm! So why don’t you just use Radiant for Twitter and you’ll find the best unique time and day to tweet - according to your unique group of followers on Twitter.5. Link to all your social accountsIt’s essential to connect your Twitter to your email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. This way you’ll get more and more followers not only in Twitter but also in the other social media platforms you are using.How can social media analytics help you with that?What should you tweet?Try the Radiant for Twitter. Tools like that show you your top tweets based on retweets or l ikes. Thus, you get an idea of what content could be more popular among your followers.When should you tweet?Radiant gives you the time of the day and day of the week when your tweets tend to be more popular. It can also show you when YOU tend to tweet more in the week.How should you tweet?Those reports have a content breakdown feature. This means you can see what percentage of links, images or plain text you have tweeted. If you think you should change your strategy maybe you should try changing these percentages. You can also see Engagement by Tweet type in Twitter Social Media Analytics!Who are your most influential followers?See Followers by Popularity on Twitter Social Media Analytics.What are the interests of your followers?See “Followers recently talked about” in Twitter Social Media Analytics.See more at:Radiant for TwitterTwitter Social Media Analytics>Find out traits of someone’s personality at:Twitter Personality Analysis
YouScan’s was one of the first startups that Openfund invested in, focusing on social media monitoring service for brand owners specifically offered in the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Today we are announcing our exit from the company. Thinking of YouScan takes us to the first days of Openfund. Α whole 6 years down the memory lane, we… Continue reading...
The amount of data generated by various services grows faster than ever. At the same time, the prevalent way to interact with such data is APIs. Now, APIs may come handy if you are a developer, yet chances are that you are not, or you simply cannot afford the time to engineer the data view… Continue reading...

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