"Longaccess’s mission is to safeguard and preserve personal digital archives "
In a nutshell
Longaccess' prime offering offers afordable, long-term data preservation services for the consumer market. The service is designed to securely preserve and make accessible data for decades and offers a simple, yet powerful way of sharing and transfering access rights to the data stored.

The company recently launched Bigstash, a very affordable solution for the offloading of very large archives. Bigstash launched with 5TB storage available free for all new users.
The Team
Longaccess is founded by Panayotis Vryonis. Nikos Roussos and Konstantinos Koukopoulos, software engineers, have joined the technology team. Design and UX is handled by Fivos Avgerinos.

Latest blog posts
Online storage solutions are built on the paradigm of “sync”. In other words, what is stored online is by default a subset of what is stored offline. Every day that passes, however, more data is being produced. In this context, local storage is often rendered insufficient. What’s more, its limitations with regards to security and… Continue reading...
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Longaccess becomes the fifth portfolio company of Jeremie Openfund II. The company, founded by Panayotis Vryonis, received a €110k investment, led by Jeremie Openfund II. The company’s mission is to safeguard and preserve personal digital archives for the long term future. The concept is to “store and forget”, while preserving data access in a quite… Continue reading...
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