"Ask like-minded people to recommend just what you’re looking for "
In a nutshell
Locish is a Q&A mobile app enabling you to ask like-minded people for real-time recommendations on new places to eat, drink, and have fun.
Currently available in New York City, San Francisco and Athens, Greece, Locish allows its users to pose a detailed question to its community and find somewhere new that ticks their boxes. Locish ‘gets’ what they like, and knows which users will come up trumps with suitable suggestions – created just for them.
As well as a personal response, users get all the venue details they need ­– including addresses, websites, photos; even ratings from Yelp and Foursquare. They can pass on their recommendations too, connect, chat, and wax lyrical about their favorite places with those who share their interests.
The Team
The Locish founder team is comprised of Alexis Christodoulou, a web developer with extensive developer experience in and studies in Computer Engineering and Informatics; also Grigorios Zontanos who studied political sciences and found his true calling in marketing and audience targeting. 6 more team members form the full Locish team, guaranteeing a well-functioning product and a solid marketing plan execution.

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