"Listiki is at its heart a deceptively simple concept: collaborative, live, ordered lists that can be generated by anyone. Listiki will harness the power of the real-time web via Twitter & other social networks to add a layer of context and hierarchy to this massive, constant flow of data "
In a nutshell
Listiki harnesses the power of the real-time web via Twitter and other social networks to add a layer of context and hierarchy to this massive, constant flow of data. On anything from "Favorite things to do in Madrid" to "Worst movie endings", users are providing their preferences in list form on a wide variety of subjects generating a valuable (and sometimes simply fun) collection of opinions. Essentially a canvas for building any type of sorted list, Listiki can be used by anyone individually or within a group. Best of all it all happens in real-time.
Listiki allows you to create and gather information from the crowds whether it be friends, colleagues or simply those interested in what you’ve posted. This makes Listiki a truly useful way to share and gather information in a simple, organized fashion while at the same time providing a truly great user experience.
Due to the simplicity of its concept Listiki is appropriate to a wide range of possible revenue streams with an equally rich potential for each. From affiliate marketing based on the lists and list items in it to data mining the relations of these social objects with its users and from providing the service as a white label for companies to offering pro accounts, Listiki has enormous potential in terms of monetization.
Listiki is currently at public beta phase with new features being constantly added and major updates going online at regular intervals. Growth has been impressive both in terms of content and users with feedback being more than encouraging. Listiki has also achieved coverage from a number of important blogs (incl. Techcrunch, Lifehacker,etc). Listiki aspires to become the reference point for anyone looking up any kind of list online.
The Team
Constantinos Demetriadis is an expert in user interface and experience design. He has been actively working on the web since 1998. Davina Economou is actively involved in social media & has experience in marketing, accounting and corporate services and holds a masters degree in applied psychology. Alex Schleifer, is a highly accomplished creative director, speaker, writer & entrepreneur.He has 15 years experience in interactive technology having worked for some of the world's leading brands via his award-winning digital agency, Sideshow

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