" Kamibu is working on a revolutionary browser-based 3D MMORPG for urban gamers with a PC or a smartphone "
In a nutshell
Gamers participate in a role playing game, collecting experience and evolving their character. The use of HTML5 and WebGL allows us to create a realistic, and engaging universe. These along with unanounced highly-engaging gameplay features make the game stand out of the browser games market.
The first beta will become available in summer 2011.
The Team
The team has substantial business and technical experience considering its young age, consisting of gamers and students in the best universities of Greece.
  • Dionysis Zindros 23, Chief Technology Officer, has worked for deviantART and has managed the development team of the game for the creation of Zino.gr, a teen oriented social network.
  • Nikitas Larin 23, Chief Financial Officer, has worked in management for several companies and holds experience in stock trading.
  • Alexander Tzortzidis 21, focuses on optimizing the gameplay on the client side. He has worked previously on Troll Tribes.
  • Alexis Brezas 19, working on the back-end and the architecture of the game, has worked for the Social Whale social media client platform.
  • George Panagiotakos 19, taps his exceptional mathematics skills for algorithm optimization.
  • Petros Aggelatos 20, responsible for network optimization & advanced graphics techniques.
  • Andreas Lostromos 23, graphics designer, sculpts the team's vision in 3d flesh and bone.
The development team members have worked together in the past, delivering high quality software within restricted timeframes.

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