"Incrediblue is a marketplace for boat rentals. Starting with a fleet of yachts and sailing boats in Greece and across the Mediterranean, Incrediblue is poised to become the destination of choice for booking a boating experience online "
In a nutshell
For the first time in the industry, guests are able to directly connect to boat owners, review boat profiles with real photos and book online in a simple and secure way.
Payment options provided include bank transfer and credit cards, while offering transparency regarding the costs associated with fuel, the skipper and other crew or optional services.
Boat owners can register their boats for free and use incrediblue's easy to use platform to manage their prices and bookings. Incrediblue is free for guests, while boat owners' charges are limited to a commission per booking, that remains significantly lower compared to the broker industry standard.
The Team
The team is comprised of 3 co-founders in their early 30s. Antonis Fiorakis, serving as the CEO; Georgios Gatos leading business development and also key organizer of the Open Coffee Thessaloniki meetings and finally Theodore Orfanidis leading the software engineering.

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