"Incelligent is a wireless network infrastructure management platform that enables real-time power and spectrum adaptation, greatly reducing the cost of ownership. "
In a nutshell
While demand for traffic is growing rapidly, it fluctuates considerably depending on location and time. The general solution to this is to prepare infrastructure that is always configured to withstand its maximum. This results however in greatly increased operating costs, mostly related to power consumption.

Incelligent has developed a management system for WBMNs to address this problem.

Compared to the existing self-organizing networks (SONs) solutions, Incelligent can respond in real time and reliably given the to actual conditions. The solution works seamlessly without new hardware.
The Team
Incelligent is led by Dr. Kostas Tsagkaris and Dr. Serafim Kotrotsos who come from a research background with significant business experience in providing solutions for the telecom industry. The team is completed by 6 other engineers.

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