"StockPodium, the flagship product of Imagga, is an online marketplace for micro-stock images. StockPodium assists customers in finding the right image with the help of visual similarity in addition to standard keyword search. "
In a nutshell
StockPodium is online marketplace for royalty free stock photos featuring advanced image search tools and possibility to use visual similarity to find photos really fast.
The idea behind micro-stock photography - high quality image with low price tag- was fueled by the digital photography revolution. It's easier than ever to contribute and monetize your digital photo collections. The methods that people currently use to search these vast image collections are predominantly keyword based. The quality of these search results dependent highly on the quality and quantity of the tags assigned to the pictures by the photographers, who often fail to tag their photos appropriately on in the fashion that he buyer expects them to appear. This leads to the buyer trying over with different keywords to get to the results.
StockPodium’s unique value proposition is the concept of visual similarity search. This allows a user to use a picture as a search query and have Stockpodium look for pictures similar to that one. The picture query can be either a photo uploaded by the user or one found from a traditional keyword search. A user could for example search for the word “party hat” and then use the picture of the hat from the results to find more hats as opposed more pictures related to parties. This is offered through an intuitive interface that is very similar to that of existing stock photo search sites.
Imagga, the company that powers Stockpodium, has developed technology that applies sophisticated combination of algorithms in order to analyze the pixel content of each photo in our database index. Feature vectors are extracted which describe the images in terms of color, objects, shape and composition. These vectors are used later on in the search process to determine the level of similarity between images. Other applications of these technologies include automatic assignment of keywords to images based on their similarity with already tagged image which would significantly aid the keywording efforts of the photographers and improve the overall quality of keyword search.
Stockpodium appeals directly to creative and marketing agencies, publishing groups, freelance designers, presenters, and bloggers - the customers already identified as the core of the micro-stock market. The business model of StockPodium is combination of affiliate, resale and sale business models, with the main revenue stream coming from selling the pictures of our it’s contributors and the resale of images of several leading micro-stock vendors.
The Team
Georgi Kadrev (CEO) has long experience and passion regarding image analysis and its applications. Winner of many national competitions in informatics and business planning, he brings both his technical expertise and business vision in the process of building great innovative company. Hristo Georgiev (Marketing Director) together with Pavel Andreev (Creative Director) co-founded Web Gravity, a web design company with various web awards. Hristo is also a committed blogger and passionate web evangelist. Pavel has been actively involved in numerous web projects during the last 8 years. Dr Stavri Nikolov (Principal Technology Adviser) is a founder of Attentive Displays. Dr Nikolov was a Senior Research Fellow in Image Processing at the University of Bristol, UK and have published more than 65 papers.

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