"Goodvidio allows the enhancement of ecommerce pages with engaging product description videos curated from social video platforms - like reviews, unboxing and how-tos. "
In a nutshell
Goodvidio allows ecommerce sites to enhance their product pages by re-sharing engaging product videos like reviews, how-tos and unboxings that are published by brands, experts and consumers on popular video sharing platforms.

Backed by research showing greatly increased conversion rates, the service takes away the hassle of selecting the best videos and ensuring that the links will be live and up to date. Goodvidio scouts for the most engaging videos, algorithmically choosing the best which are then curated by humans to ensure top relevance and customer engagement. It embeds videos to product pages and measures visitor engagement to identify those videos that resonate with the audience and optimize content selection.
The Team
The company was founded by Dimitrios Kourtesis & Konstantinos Bratanis, who now lead a team of 8 based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Latest blog posts
On September 28-29th, Goodvidio will exhibit at Technology for Marketing 2016 event in London, UK. Branded as “the UK’s only event dedicated to marketing technology”, TFM 2016 event is the premier spot for marketers scouting for the latest innovative tech and new tools to support their strategies and advance their business. Technology for Marketing is […] The post Goodvidio at Technology for Marketing 2016, 28-29 September appeared first on Goodvidio Blog.
There are so many options out there when it comes to on-site video for ecommerce. The question is, do you really need video content in every nook of your online store? Where do videos work best at converting shoppers? In this post, we talk about video placement on ecommerce stores and how to optimize it […] The post How to do video placement for ecommerce conversion optimization appeared first on Goodvidio Blog.
When you think of summertime, the first things that come to mind are ice cream, beach, and holidays. If you work in online retail, then the months of July, August and September also mean one more thing – it’s time for back-to-school sales. With summer typically being a “slow” period for many online stores, back-to-school […] The post Back-to-School tips for ecommerce stores appeared first on Goodvidio Blog.
YouScan’s was one of the first startups that Openfund invested in, focusing on social media monitoring service for brand owners specifically offered in the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Today we are announcing our exit from the company. Thinking of YouScan takes us to the first days of Openfund. Α whole 6 years down the memory lane, we… Continue reading...
Video is the perfect medium to engage visitors in online stores. Product pages featuring video allow shoppers to better understand a product and complete a purchase with much higher confidence. At the same time, platforms like YouTube are overflowing with videos about popular products, with brands and users sharing more content every day. For an… Continue reading...

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