"Fieldscale provides scalable and fast solvers for electromagnetic simulation that is critical to chip makers "
In a nutshell
Electromagnetic simulation is among the most demanding software processes today. For uses ranging from chip to insulator to power transmission design, simulation is critical for reducing cost and time-to-market cycles. At the same time, state-of-the-art solutions are limiting themselves to previous generation algorithms and infrastructure.

Fieldscale attempts to bring the simulation task to the cloud era. Implementing boundary elements with fast multipole methods (considered to be the next generation of simulation algorithms) in a fully parallelizable way. Using the power of the cloud, Fieldscale increases speed ten times or more, at a fraction of the cost that alternatives would charge.
The Team
Dr. Yiorgos Bontzios and Dr. George Bouzianas, cofounders, bring a strong research background on the topic, and they have already set up a talented team of 6 that keeps growing.

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