A list of Openfund companies

Jeremie Openfund II
Your personal travel concierge
Digital archival solutions
All-in-one recruiting software
Boat rental marketplace
Ask like-minded people
Small lodgings booking system
Popularizing play
Set and forget CMS management
Wearable computing evolved
FMCG coupons in your smartphone
Mixtapes made personal
Professional reports & infographics in seconds
Enriches product pages with video
Broadband infrastructure management
Aircraft cockpit on a tablet
Delicious food delivered in minutes
Electromagnetic simulation for chipmakers
IoT development and update tools

Openfund I
Social media monitoring for international markets
Image processing as a Service
Choose a taxi on your phone
Sport events management software
Premium food products marketplace
Browser based immersive 3d gaming
Collaborative realtime list editing
Fashion discovery engine

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