When we first saw Total Eclipse, it was a small games studio in northern Greece comprised of very dedicated founders. We thought it was a hidden gem and that’s why we invited them time and again in various Open Coffee meetings. The Openfund was in fact heavily inspired by the needs of young entrepreneurs that frequented such gatherings, and Open Coffee in particular. 

Today, we are announcing one of our largest investments to date, totalling €430,000 , together with angel investors. We believe that through this investment, Total Eclipse will get the brand recognition it deserves.

The investment will be used towards an ambitious plan: making Total Eclipse a top brand in multiplatform, casual gaming. This involves growing the team, further developing in-house technology and launching a number of games across various platforms and markets.

Total Eclipse has a strong track record of game releases with seven shipped titles in nine years, across different genres, platforms, and markets. Despite their differences, the games are characterised by their attention to detail, focus on fun and high level of polish.
The studio’s most popular titles, the Clockwork Man series (hidden object/adventure for Win/Mac/Linux set in a Victorian steampunk universe), first introduced the concept of immersive scrolling and zoomable scenes to the genre, sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and were amongst the first games to launch on Steam for Linux.

Total Eclipse’s latest release, A Clockwork Brain, is a puzzle game for iOS that blends brain-training with frantic puzzle solving. It has received glowing reviews from thousands of players and has surpassed 750,000 downloads through organic growth.

The team has already moved to new offices and has hired two software engineers and an illustrator who actually moved to Greece. Here is a picture of the team.


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