The Openfund is excited to announce its first series of start-ups selected.

After an extensive screening process including various rounds of feedback and advice in between of the initial application, a full business plan and an interview, the procedure completed at the Openfund Launch Day that took place on Saturday, November 21 in Microsoft Innovation Center Athens.

Starting December 1, the teams will now work together with the Openfund towards building their product and launching their services, while receiving seed funding and extensive advice on all things start-up during the following 4 months.


Crawdoutis a meeting facilitation service, specifically targeted at recreational sports. Shifting the effort from organizing to participating, Crawdout removes the barriers to arranging sport events, while also helps you to find suitable people to play with and engage with them socially. Miroslav Solanka and Peter Crkon, its passionate founders, come from Slovakia, while they’re now based in Glasgow, UK, where the service will be launched from.


YouScan is working on a new service for social media monitoring and reputation management. Aiming at the rapidly growing markets of Russia and Ukraine, YouScan will be providing powerful tools to its customers for tracking, summarizing and reacting to the social-web. The team consists of 3 founders, Alexey Orap, Alexander Demidov and Dimitri Popov, combining knowledge of the local market with business development and technology skills.


Listiki is working on an innovative service for organizing and prioritizing online real-time data. The team aims at building an engaging service that changes the way we rank anything on the web. Listiki’s founders are Alex Schleifer, Davina Economou and Constantinos Demetriadis, a very experienced team from Cyprus and Greece.


Fashinating is building a platform that presents the latest offerings on the apparel market using an innovative fashion discovery engine and a series of engaging social games. Its services will function as a standalone project, but also as an add-on to online fashion magazines and retailers. Alexios Ballas, Maria-Loukia Tzempelikou and Petros Ziogas comprise the best team on a mission to make Fashinating happen.

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