The Openfund is happy to announce the opening of the call for proposals for its third round of operations. Entrepreneurs may apply starting today by filling the form here. You are also encouraged to take a close look at our process, FAQ and best practices before proceeding with your application.

The call will remain open till June 30, 2010. Early applications get the extra advantage of timely feedback, enabling an improved resubmission before the deadline.

The selection process is set to begin on July 1st. As always, during that time extensive reviews will be provided and shared with the applying entrepreneurs. This will be followed with writing business plans, with the assistance of the Openfund, going through an interview and finally presenting to the Openfund investors. The final selection is expected to take place during the first week of September and beyond that the startups will be admitted in the programme.

We are loooking forward to working with the greatest and most aspiring of entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality, together. The journey starts here.

One thought on “The Openfund III – Call for Proposals Opens

  1. GKasselakis

    Applicants are given all the creative liberty they need to prove us wrong for constraining them in any subsequent evaluation phase or by providing more text in an out of band email.

    In general the reasons why we insist that the project description is brief is that we get many applications which are to be overseen by limited resources and also focus a lot on providing feedback that comes from 3rd parties. Those too have limited time and their attention span is short.

    Another point is that, if the answer to the question "what does it do" is too long then this might indicate that you won’t ever be able to get the attention span you need to sell it to anyone, either a consumer or a business developer that’s making strategic acquisitions.

    I think however that in the subsequent questions of the application form you can find space to elaborate freely on almost every aspect of the product, right?

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