Music is much more than sound. Listening to an artist’s album and falling in love with the album’s artwork, or back in the day, discovering new music from a friend’s handmade mixtape, brought excitement long before the music played and continued well after that.

The transition to online revolutionized delivery and bundling, yet it truncated the music experience. Today, we have millions of songs available just a few key strokes away. Yet again, a search bar cannot create feelings and recommendation algorithms can only get you so far when it comes to taste. All in all, we are still at the MS-DOS era of music online – just check the look of online playlists.

Tapely comes to restore feelings back to music on the web. It’s a simple idea: Create and share personal, visually stunning mixtapes curated by people who love music. Pick some songs from online sources like Youtube and SoundCloud, add visuals like a background image, custom text and colors and you’re done. Yet, it can get you a really long way. Check this mixtape for example, or this one, or even this. You get the idea.

Alex Nikolaidis, the founder, left his senior consulting career at PwC to learn coding and build Tapely from scratch. When he appeared –along with a Velvet Underground LP– in front of us a few months ago, he had a prototype with thousands of passionate users and uniquely themed mixtapes. Correct, all these were music to our ears.

Tapely, now a team of four, embarks on a trip to become the default way to share music online. Truth be told; it is a crowded market, and a bold vision. But, here at Openfund, we are truly excited to partner with Alex and team and contribute an initial investment of €200,000. Now, let the music start.


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Last Modified: June 23, 2014

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