We are happy to report that our first round of applications concluded successfully on September 30. We received a broad set of ideas spanning in a number of areas, from a large number of teams across the globe.

Here you may find some charts summarizing the origin of these ideas, regarding the people behind them, their location and skills.

As expected, the biggest number of applications was submitted during the last days of the call.

Submissions per date

57% of submissions originated from Greece, while applicants came from 20 countries in total, 15 out of which were European ones. The map below reveals more details.

Global map of submissions

Of special interest is also the distribution of skills, as reported by the applicants themselves. The following graph provides details on their technical, financial, business and educational background. A rating of 1 denotes the most basic command of said skills, ranging to 5 being the highest, eg. a PhD in education or having sold a company in business.

Distribution of skills

To us, the challenge starts now. Following our tight schedule, we have already started reviewing the great amount of applications received, while we are willing to share our detailed reviews with all the teams submitted. We are also looking forward to work closely with the best of the teams, to help them further mature their proposals, prepare their business plans and finally shape a more than appealing offering.

And for those of you who for whatever reason could not submit your idea in this round, you can still prepare it for the next submission deadline which is due in a few months’ time – it’s closer than it seems!

The Openfund stands for bringing significant added value to all of its participants, and we are really excited to see our vision taking shape. What follows is pure hard work to meet all of our targets, stay tuned for more information about our progress and more.

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  1. Martin

    Great news! I can not wait for more info about the project, the ideas and mainly seeing them in action!

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