Articles for March 2014

Locish raises $820k to take its near realtime Q&A app stateside

locish logo

Our first contact with Locish was in a coworking space which its dedicated founders, Alex and Greg almost inhabited while continuously releasing small iterations, testing the assumptions thereof. We saw back then that their methodology and dedication was second to none and soon after we decided to become the first to invest in their vision.

Since then, Locish has launched in San Fransisco, New York, and –yes- Athens, providing travelers with customized tips regarding where they should go for food or a drink when visiting a new city. But beyond that, we quickly found out that even locals wanted to use it to find out about new places in their own city. The experience of users asking questions and receiving customized suggestions is a deeply engaging one.

Apparently Locish works, and they just announced one of the largest uprounds we’ve ever had. In the new round Odyssey Jeremie Venture Partners and Jeremie Openfund II as well as angels including our mentor Thanos Triant participated.

With the funds raised, the startup will relaunch with a completely redesigned application and expand further in the US market. Its renewed focus: finding where you’ll eat or drink next by bringing you answers from people like you.


Tribe raises €100k to build next generation wearables

Tribe, starting out of Komotini, Greece, announces today a €100k pre-seed investment round by Jeremie Openfund II.

Tribe and its founder, Demetres Stordopoulos, are on a mission to build wearable activity trackers that are actually  hidden in the fabric of sports gear. Taking advantage of integrated yet unobtrusive microelectronics, the vision is to provide key information on an athlete’s physical condition in real time.

Essentially bringing the monitoring capacity of a lab at one’s fingertips, Tribe aims to improve performance and lower risk injury at unprecedented levels.

A diverse and ambitious team of 4 is already hard at work to deliver a prototype and perform field experiments within a few months.


Workable raises $1.5m, led by Greylock IL

You may have heard the news already. We are excited to share that Greylock IL has led the latest, $1.5m funding round of Workable, along with Jeremie Openfund II and other private investors also participating.

We first invested in Workable 12 months ago. Since then, Nikos and Spyros have been out on a mission to build a world-class team and a top-notch product out of Athens, Greece. If you have used Workable before, you probably are aware of the results. If you haven’t yet, and you run a business or are about to do some hiring, go give it a try. One thing is for sure; what you think about recruitment will never be the same again.

When you take such a tedious process (think of piles of pdf resumes and excel files as the industry standard) and you improve it to the point that people want to experience it again and again, then you probably are onto something interesting. And, in this context, getting a partner of the caliber of Greylock IL and Laurel Bowden on board comes naturally as the next step.

Make no mistake, this is not the end of the road, or a success per se. As Spyros has put it, nice shoes can only get you so far when you are running a marathon. The most difficult part starts now, and we have plenty of good reasons to strongly believe it will also be the most exciting one. Onwards!