Articles for May 2010

The Openfund III – Call for Proposals Opens

The Openfund is happy to announce the opening of the call for proposals for its third round of operations. Entrepreneurs may apply starting today by filling the form here. You are also encouraged to take a close look at our process, FAQ and best practices before proceeding with your application.

The call will remain open till June 30, 2010. Early applications get the extra advantage of timely feedback, enabling an improved resubmission before the deadline.

The selection process is set to begin on July 1st. As always, during that time extensive reviews will be provided and shared with the applying entrepreneurs. This will be followed with writing business plans, with the assistance of the Openfund, going through an interview and finally presenting to the Openfund investors. The final selection is expected to take place during the first week of September and beyond that the startups will be admitted in the programme.

We are loooking forward to working with the greatest and most aspiring of entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality, together. The journey starts here.

Openfund II – Selection Results

We are happy to report the final results of the long yet fruitful selection process for the companies participating in our second round of operations. We will refer to the later from now on as ‘the Openfund Round II’ (or ‘Openfund II’).

We really set the bar high. In full alignment to our investors interests and our commitment to excellence, we ended up with a selection indicative of the projects we are looking for and a team being absolutely worth it. Within this context, we are announcing today the selection of Stockpodium, one more company joining the Openfund.

Stockpodium is a strong team of four from Sofia, Bulgaria, pursuing opportunities at the intersection of visual image search and stock photography.

We’re really excited to work closely with the team and make great things happen in the following months. At the same time, we’ll keep working at the same fast pace with all 4 companies of the Openfund I, taking their efforts to the next level. Finally, the call for proposals of the Openfund III will open in the following days, stay tuned for full details.